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Laughing Zombie
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I'm with Lumineaux... I've seen enough of Felicia Day to last me quite some time, thank you.

Please note: I do not need to meet Manuel d'Fence... I am looking for a good online guide with illustration of the numbered blade positions. I aim to corrupt my niece's boyfriend....

After having had many, many books turned to mush by water damage, I discovered today that The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson and my Norton Anthology of English Lit. Vols. 1 & 2 are virtually unscathed! The new year is already galactically superior to the old one.

Benighted Happy... nooo, that's not right...
Belated Happy Birthday to Mawth_Treadwell!

...now about the extra 25 pounds... screw it; go eat some cake!

"How would you describe the last decade in one sentence?"


Humans possess more ways to communicate with each other, by far, than any other species on the planet, yet tragedies, misunderstandings, family break-ups, accidents, deaths, and wars occur because we constantly fail, or outright refuse to do so!

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Just saw the movie "Skyline". Short, no spoiler review? It's an awesome, big budget student film.
Link to a more complete review

AP, today, posted a story announcing that Britain has recognized Druidism as an officially recognized religion. You may think that's wonderful or horrible, but I think it is an act of unmitigated arrogance. I dare say nearly all of the members of British government belong to one or another Christian franchise. Christianity wasn't even primordial goo while Druidism was thriving!
AP Article

From the song "Everything Must Go" on the Steely Dan album of the same name:
"It's high time for a walk on the real side.
Let's admit the bastards beat us..."

My freelance consulting is not supporting me in the style to which I've become accustomed... and I've become accustomed to some pretty austere living. So it's time, as we used to say in the Cav, to "move with a sense of purpose". I've been offered sanctuary by my sister and her family, and being something of a Victorian romantic, it amuses me to think of myself as "the insane relative in the attic".

I'd feel much worse about this turn of events if I hadn't heard on the news that a full 10% of the currently unemployed are moving in with family (how many more would be if they had family to move in with?). I'm actually what statisticians call "under employed", since I still have a couple of clients doing business. In truth, that just delayed my admitting the seriousness of the decline. Oh well...

There are two aspects of this move that should prove "interesting" as it unfolds. The first will be to discover just how much of my accumulated "stuff" will be able to stay with me... Packing is always a process of elimination... "Do I ever want to have to move this thing again?" crops up often. What goes on the truck will be stuff I really would be sad to part with. At least I will know the answer to that question shortly after I park the U-Haul in front of the house.

The second aspect will be an ongoing process. I've been living in relative isolation for quite some time - far too long, actually. Soon, I'm going to be part of a family. This will take some adjusting...

I happened across this LJ blog some time ago and finally realized that most everybody I call a friend would appreciate it as well! This is who I always wanted to be...

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